Meet Your Perth and Kinross Councillors - Scottish Local Elections 2022

Who are your local councillors?

The 2022 Scottish local elections took place on Thursday 5th May.

A total of 86 candidates put their names forward to stand for a place in Perth & Kinross council.

All 40 seats across 12 wards went up for contention, and out of the 40 councillors, 28 put themselves forward for re-election in the same ward.

Discover the Perth & Kinross Council results.

Check out the Open Council Data website and click on your specific council area to easily discover who is representing your local council.

Who ran for election in May?

Let’s discover who ran to serve the needs of the people of Perth & Kinross:

Note: All links will take you to the respective parties website or social media pages.

Scottish National Party (SNP) Website

tom mcewan snp scotsvote
liz barrett liberal democrats

Scottish Liberal Democrats Website (Perth & Kinross)

  • Gordon Ross Clark (Blairgowrie & The Glens)
  • Peter Barrett (Perth City Centre)
  • James Ian Graham (Perth City North)
  • Julia Brown (South Perthshire & Kinross-shire)
  • Liz Barrette (Perth City South)
  • Willie Robertson (Kinross-Shire)
  • Violet Iwanio (Strathmore)
  • Claire McLaren (Strathtay)
  • Julia Mary Brown (Strathearn)
  • Lindsay James Crosbie Easton (Carse of Gowrie)
  • Barry Blackler McMahon (Highland)
  • Tina Jane Ng-A-Mann (Almond & Earn)
alasdair bailey scottish labour party

Scottish Labour Party Website 

  • Alasdair Bailey (Carse of Gowrie) 
  • Pauline Hunter (Blairgowrie & The Glens)
  • Kirsten Roper (Perth City South)
  • Brian Lieshman (Perth City North)
  • Scott Forsyth (Perth City Centre)
  • Paula Hunter (Highland)
  • Graham Cox (Kinross-Shire)
Caroline Sheirs Scottish Conservative Councillor

Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party – National and Local Website (Perth & Kinross)

Xander McDade Highland Councillor Perth & Kinross


  • Bernard Noonan (Blairgowrie & The Glens)
  • Colin Stewart (Strathmore)
  • Rhona Brock (Strathearn)
  • Xander McDade (Highland)
  • Audrey Coates (Perth City South)
  • Dave Cuthbert (Kinross-Shire)
  • Roger Cartwright (Strathearn)
Jill Belch Scottish Green Party

The Green Party Website

  • Jill Belch (Candidate for Perth Strathmore)
  • Louise Ramsay (Blairgowrie & The Glens)
  • Ronnie McNeil (Perth City North)
  • Susannah Rae (Perth City Centre)
  • Roger Humphry (Candidate for Carse of Gowrie)
  • Paul Vallot (Candidate for Almond and Earn)
  • Mary McDougall (Highland)
  • Andrew Lear (Strathallan)
  • Pat Doran (Kinross-Shire)

What issues did their party promise to focus on?

Let’s look at the issues the main Scottish political parties say that they are focusing on.

Helpful resources.

Go and tell them what you really think, and use these helpful links and resources if you need them: