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What matters most to you?

For first time voters, this can feel a little overwhelming.

The Scots slang, “Ma Heed’s fried!”, ringing any bells?

Even those of us who’ve voted for many years may find themselves almost at their wits end.

The good news, yes we have good news, is that it can help to take a birds eye view at what we know about which national and local issues Scotland’s main political parties say they are focusing on.

This is step one when it comes to making a more informed decision when we cast our one, meaningful vote.

women who vote in 2022 Scottish local elections

The top 10 issues Scotland’s parties  are putting forward to voters

Note: This is not an exaustive list. The lists below are focused, as much as possible, on latest publications. All links will direct you to the respective parties national (and local) website.

Scottish National Party (SNP) National and Local Website (Perth & Kinross)

Watch the video.

  1. The cost of living crisis
  2. The Ukraine Crisis
  3. Young People, including students
  4. Renewable Energy Investment, including wind
  5. Gender and health equality for all
  6. More Social Security Powers
  7. Child Poverty
  8. Adult Disability Payments
  9. A Safer Scotland
  10. The Economy

Discover other issues of focus to the SNP such as Education, the NHS, and more.

Scottish Liberal Democrats National and Local Website (Perth & Kinross)

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  1. A stronger Scotland as part of a federal UK
  2. Plans to cut energy bills and tackle fuel poverty
  3. Tackling food poverty by supporting local initiatives such as community larders
  4. Support for The Homes for Ukraine Programme
  5. Creating a long Covid plan
  6. Tackling digital & financial exclusion
  7. Safer schools in local areas such as Perth & Kinross
  8. Protecting local post offices such as this one in Perth & Kinross
  9. Economic & public services Recovery post-covid
  10. A campaign for free lateral flow tests

Discover other issues of focus to the Liberal Democrats such as Food Poverty, the Fuel Costs, and more.

Scottish Labour Party Website 

  1. Creating Better Quality Jobs
  2. Improving Scotland’s Care Service
  3. Making Bus Services Public (not-for-profit)
  4. Improving the NHS
  5. Abolishing National Standard Testing for Four to Five Year Olds
  6. A Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution
  7. Improving Access to Affordable Homes
  8. Stopping Council Cuts and Investing in local services

Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party – National and Local Website (Perth & Kinross)

  1. An ‘Open The Books Bill‘ to provide financial transparency
  2. Tackling Fly-Tipping with the creation of a new bill
  3. Show of support for young people’s mental health
  4. The removal of Covid restrictions
  5. The launch of Mackay’s Law
  6. The ‘Right to Recovery‘ bill to tackle drug deaths
  7. Changes to the justice system with the ‘Victims Law‘ bill
  8. Providing more nurses in Tayside by scrapping the Test & Protect scheme
  9. Show of support for local B&Bs who need extra financial help
  10. Support for north sea oil and gas net zero

Discover other issues of focus to the Conservatives such as Education, the NHS, and more.

The Green Party National and Local Website (Perth & Kinross)

  1. Better treatment of Asylum Seekers
  2. Free public transport for refugees
  3. Supporting farmers to protect the environment
  4. Tackling fuel poverty and energy efficiency in Scottish homes, including support for a windfall tax on energy companies
  5. Supporting a greener and wellbeing focused economy
  6. Developing relationships with Europe
  7. Looking at ways to help hospitality workers
  8. Railway improvements in the highlands
  9. Scottish Independence
  10. Investigation into Donald Trumps investments

Discover other issues of focus to the The Green Party such as Alcohol Related Harm, the NHS, and more.

Who are your local Councillors?

It may help to keep up-to-date with who’s doing what in your community, and why.

Let’s take a look.

Perth & Kinross Council – Find your local councillor

Dundee City Council – Find your local councillor

Edinburgh City Council – Find your local councillor

When do we vote?

The 2022 Scottish local elections will take place on Thursday 5th May.

We need to be registered by 18th April 2022 in order to take part.

Remember, if you don’t vote, they can’t hear you. Tell them what you really think. Vote.

If you’d like some assistance to register to vote this time around, let’s take a couple of minutes together to do just that. Come along!

How do we vote?

Have you wondered what happens after we’ve registered to vote? Well, let’s have a quick look at how we vote in Scotland today.

Congratulations! Happy voting 🙂

Go and tell them what you really think, and use these helpful links and resources if you need them: