Scottish Liberal Democrats Top 10 Issues Being Put Forward To Voters in 2022

We figured that if we want to vote for who will lead our local Scottish communities on May 5th 2022, we’d be better informed if we take a wee look at what each party is telling us that they are focusing on before the big day.

And so we compiled this informative video in what will be a series of short videos introducing each one of the Scottish political parties and their top 10 platform issues being brought forward to voters.

1, 2, 3, Let’s talk democracy!

Let’s Get Started

Scottish Liberal Democrats top 10 platform issues in 2022 council elections

1. A Strong Scotland as Part of a Federal UK

Liberal Democrats are for a strong scotland in a federal UK

2. Cutting energy bills to tackle fuel poverty

Liberal Democrats propose cutting energy bills to tackle fuel poverty

3. Supporting local initiatives such as community food larders to tackle food poverty

Liberal Democrats support local initiatives such as food larders to tackle food poverty

4. Support for the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Liberal Democrats support the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

5. Creating a long COVID plan

Liberal Democrats are focusing on creating a long COVID plan

6. Tackling digital exclusion amongst seniors & young people

Liberal Democrats want to tackle digital exclusion

7. Safer Scottish Schools

Liberal Democrats want safer schools in Scotland

8. Protecting local post offices

Liberal Democrats want to protect Scotland's post offices

9. A post COVID focus on Scotland’s public services recovery

Liberal Democrats want to focus on Scotland's post covid public services recovery

10. Free lateral flow tests in Scotland

Liberal Democrats want to give everyone in Scotland free lateral flow tests

What’s Your Favourite Party Focusing on?

Let’s take a look at the issues the main political parties say that they are focusing on.

Are you Registered to Vote?

The 2022 Scottish local elections will take place on Thursday 5th May.

If you’re 16+, we need to be registered by 18th April 2022 to have our voice heard.

Make sure you know how to register to vote.

Congratulations! Happy voting ūüôā

Go and tell them what you really think, and use these helpful links and resources if you need them: